Blog 20 - 22nd March

Well, our Apple Class caterpillars are very hungry and they're growing quickly. We expect that they'll cocoon very soon and we'll look forward to them emerging into butterflies. This will be very exciting!
We've continued to talk about minibeasts this week. The children have each chosen a favourite to paint. Important discussions took place about what the chosen minibeast looked like - what colour, did it have legs or wings, does it fly, crawl or slither. The children have really impressed us with their great knowledge. Maybe you could go minibeast hunting in the holidays. What can you find under rocks? What do you see around flowers or plants?
We had a great time in Musical Apples - singing Incy Wincy Spider and making some spidery music. The children practised following the conductor as they played and stopped as Incy climbed the spout. We then got the glockenspiels out again and we played the notes going up the scale. This sounded like Incy climbing the spout. The children played with such control and concentration.
We've made bug hotels! We know that we need to show care for the bugs and insects in our garden and one way we can do that is to create homes and shelters for them! I've attached some videos below in case you wanted to do some at home! 

This week we re capped, discussed and named some common insects and minibeasts and wow I was so impressed with the knowledge that most children had remembered from previous weeks!


Together as a large group we made out own ‘MAGICAL MINIBEAST.’ Well, it was actually an insect as the children decided it needed 6 legs! We initially started with a grasshopper-like body, with no head and three eyes! We then added two wings so it could fly and covered it in spots like a ladybird and finally it has a straw like straw to suck up the sugar nectar! Such fun we had creating our magical insect. 

At home, I'm wondering if you could create something similar? Things to think about: 

What features do we like? 

Can our creature fly like a butterfly  - how many wings does it have?

Does it have legs - is it an insect? 

What colour is it? Is it red like a ladybird? 

Can it hover over water like a dragonfly? 

Has it got spots or stripes on?

Does it carry its home on its back like a snail? 


Lots of our thinking came from these enquiry questions this week...  Does a caterpillar know it is going to become a butterfly? Where will our butterflies go… what will they do?



 Have a great weekend everyone - I wonder how many different bugs and insects you can find! 


Remember our last day in Apple before we break up for Easter is Thursday 28th of March! We are closed Good Friday (29th March!)


Mrs Farrar 

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