Blog 18 - 8th March

This week our learning has started by reading our core text "The Very Busy Ladybird" by Eric Carle. This opened lots of discussions around bugs and minibeasts. At the beginning of the week we began to carefully look at minibeasts we find in our gardens and tried our best to learn their names. Throughout the week we also talked about insects and what makes an insect an insect! We now know that an insect has 6 legs! We also started to think about patterns and the different patterns the minibeasts have on their backs (ladybirds have spots and dots, a snail has a swirl on its shells, a woodlouse house straight lines etc.) We had many opportunities to copy these patterns. 
Our learning activities included making minibeasts in the sand and using loose parts to do so (shells, pine cones, stones, gems etc,) making minibeasts from playdoh and creating our own minibeast puppets. Such great learning and fun had by all! 
Through this topic it has led to lots of opportunities to be in our outdoor environment. We've been on minibeasts hunts, made insects from natural resources and even managed to paint outside! 
The children really have had such a fun and happy week especially with the sun shining for a couple of days. 
Thank you to everyone who came to parent consultations the past two weeks, it's really nice to have a chat about your child's learning and development! 
Mystery reader is open - please just drop me an email so I can give you a date to come in - the time will always be 11am! 
Have a great weekend
Mrs Farrar