Blog 7 - 4th November

We've had very busy fingers and even busier brains this week in Apple class - take a look at the pictures below to see what we've been up to!


We've been out on our field and in the garden again this week exploring all of the seeds that can be found in Autumn.  We've found out about how they travel and what happens to them when they reach the ground.  Maybe you could have a go at finding seeds if you’re out for a walk this weekend.  Or, if you’re in the house you could have a go at drawing and colouring some autumn leaves. During our walk on the field, we listened to different sounds. We could hear our feet crunching in the leaves, we could hear children laughing and chattering, we heard many birds singing and tweeting in the tree's above us. 


In the latter part of the week we looked out and discussed fireworks and bonfire celebrations. As well as talking about our own experiences, the children found out the history behind this yearly event.  They have discovered that a man called Guy Fawkes, who didn’t like the king very much, tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament many years ago.  When his plan failed, he was captured, put in prison and then killed!  Maybe you’d like to research this story a bit further over the weekend.  


In their independent work and play, the children have built the Houses of Parliament and constructed their own bonfires.  They have used paints to create some fantastic firework sky scenes. 


We used our musical apple time to create firework dance moves.  We really enjoyed doing this.  I was particularly impressed with the movements the children invented. 


Have a great weekend everyone and wrap up warm if you're out and about at bonfire events! 


Mrs Farrar and Mrs Grimes