Corona Virus Closure Week 23rd March Blog

Good morning my lovely Plum Class friends!
I told you that I'd see you all very soon. 
I know that it will have been a funny weekend and it's strange that we're not all together this morning but I've got some great ideas to keep us all busy and in touch over the coming weeks.
So, here are a few things that you can be doing over the next few days along side the work you took home last week:
Reading and Writing:
1. Go over your RWI sounds and practise reading and writing words with these sounds. You could have a look at a website called:
You'll need the log in details:
password: home
I suggest you'll need to look at phases 3, 4 and 5. 
2. Listen to my poem on the video, it's called All Change and I chose it because those words seemed quite relevant at the moment.  We're all coping with quite a bit of change.  So, my question is... if you could be anything, what would you be?
Once you have discussed your ideas, you can have a go at writing a sentence or two.  
Here is your sentence starter...
I want to be...
then let your imagination run wild!  You could be an animal, a character, someone with a particular job, it's up to you!  Draw your ideas too. When you write, don't forget to sound out your words, use your neat handwriting and leave finger spaces.  Of course, there must be a full stop at the end of your sentence.  I wonder if anyone can manage the 3 sentence challenge?
I've put a picture of the text alongside the video so that you can read it together.  There will be lots of words that the children will be able to read. 
3. Pick three tricky words and learnt to read and spell them. 
Number work
So, we've been counting in 2s and 10s.  You can have a go at doing this with your mums and dads. 
Then, see if you can get some 10ps, 2ps and 1ps. 
Make a little shop and make price labels for your things in the shop.  You could use things from your cupboard or you could just draw a shop in the yellow book I gave you.  Once you have your shop set up, see if you can buy items and use the coins to make the amounts.  Remember, if you can't find enough coins, you could always make these too!
I suggest that Reception friends begin by making amounts to 20p.  Remember, if it's a teen number, start with 10p and then add the other coins in.  If this is easy - work with numbers up to 50p!
I suggest that Year 1 friends can make amounts up to 50p and maybe even beyond. 
Topic Learning
This week we were going to move on to the animals that live in Uganda.  We were going to take a look at Murchison Falls National park (  So, maybe you could do this at home and I want you to make a picture of your 5 favourite animals that you see.  If you are feeling really up for the challenge you could write some new facts that you discover about these animals.  Then if you want a really, really big challenge, I've found out that there are many different types of monkey that live in Uganda.  I wonder if you could find out about any of these. 
Now, if you do some really good work, mums and dads could take a picture of what you do, and then email it to me.  Then I'm hoping that we can decorate the virtual Plum Class HQ.  I know that it's not the same as us all being together but let's make the best of this situation!
Please bear with the video quality, my technical team are learning alongside me!!
Mums and Dads, please remember that you DO NOT have to complete all of this work, these are just ideas that might be useful to you.  I'm very aware that many of you are working as well as trying to be educators.  Be kind to yourselves, let the children play, watch TV and chill while you get the things that you need to done and then find little pockets of time that you can try to do some focused work together.  And, if this doesn't happen every day, don't worry!
I'm in school looking after the children of our key workers this week so I might not have lots of time for posting but I'll be on emails every evening so please do not hesitate to get in touch. 
Sending my very best wishes to you and your family,
Mrs G