Week 4th May Blog

Hello everyone 
Hope all is well and you have had a good week. Thank you to the parents for their weekly updates, fab to see you guys using the online learning blog.
The weather has been giving us a real treat, long may it continue!
This week would like you to:
Monday: Read the story of The Ugly Duckling - some of you may have this story at home if not I have a lovely link below of a story: The Ugly Duckling I am sure you will love.
Tuesday: Recap/visit the story back, see what your child remembers - see if you can cook something with an egg or get crafty here are some ideas.
Wednesday: Who can sing the song "5 little ducks went swimming one day". Even better, who can video it! Now there's a challenge! Use older sisters and brothers!
Thursday: Draw around your child's whole body or a parent! Then talk about what's different between a duckling and you!   You can talk about size, shape, eye colours, nose, hair, hands etc! Celebrate differences.
Friday: Build a den/nest for baby ducklings - build inside or outdoors using anything you like.
Enjoy Cherries stay safe Claire