Blog 25 - 10th May

Hello everyone,

Just a short blog from me this week!

I do hope you enjoyed the long weekend.

This week in Apple Class we began looking at another artist, Andy Warhol, who is a very famous American Artist. One of Andy Warhol’s most famous pieces of work is a print of the well-known actress Marilyn Monroe. He used to paint in a pop art style about popular things. For example, Warhol is famous for his print of a can of soup. Andy Warhol often repeated his prints many times. He used a method called screen printing to make many of his artworks. In Apple Class we recreated his work to make prints of Spring flowers, using very bright and bold colours.  


We continued to practise our mathematical skills by creating our own flowers by matching the correct amount of petals to each flower. We started with numbers one to five and we took it in turn to add the correct amount. This was such a great opportunity to develop our number recognition and counting skills. 


We have been growing cress in Apple Class and we thoroughly enjoyed eating it on a cracker on Thursday! 

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend 


Mrs Farrar