Blog 24 - 3rd May

Hello everyone,
Another fun and enjoyable week in Apple class. This week we've been exploring planting and growing and using our green fingers to help tidy up the flowers and plants in our garden.
On Friday we welcomed 2 gorgeous little lambs into Plum Garden! We had great fun watching these little lambs - unfortunately the lambs were still too full from their breakfast and didn't want any more milk when we tried to feed them. The visit from the lambs sparked and led our discussion for the week. We discussed what a newborn lamb needs to thrive and survive - can your child remember something that a lamb needs? 
We've also planted our very own sunflowers and discussed what's needed for a plant to grow. Many children knew that a plant needed, soil, water and sunlight to grow. We are going to observe the sunflowers over the next two weeks and watch them change from a seed to a shoot etc before letting them go home in the last week of this half term. 
We've also been labelling the different parts of a the flower and knowing the steps of how to grow a plant! First by putting soil into a pot, and then adding a seed and then putting in a sprinkle of water and finally putting the pot somewhere not too hot and not too cold but where it will get some sunshine. 
Have a great bank holiday everyone! 
Mrs Farrar