Day 1 - Monday 4th January 2021

Happy New Year Chestnut Class! I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas holiday. Here are your tasks for day 1 of home learning. 
 I would like you to read for 30 minutes. You could read a fiction story book, a magazine, a recipe book, a non-fiction book, a comic… the list is endless. Once you have completed your reading, pick a task from below to complete:

·        Create a new front cover for what you have read

·        Create a wordsearch which includes key vocabulary from your reading

·        Write a book review

·        Write a blurb

·        Create a poster advertising what you have read

·        Draw an illustration of one of the characters or things from your text

·        Write a character description

·        Create a model which relates to what you have read

·        Write the next chapter of your text
During our time learning from home, we are going to be looking at time. In preparation for our work, today I would like you to make a clock that can be used to help you with your work in the coming days. I have attached ideas for your clock as well as a template that you could use if you are struggling to come up with ideas. 
Don't forgot to practice your spellings on Spelling Frame, times tables on Times Table Rockstars and reading on Bug Club!
Miss M